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Reserve Bourbon Whiskey
Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is a distinguished and time-honored spirit that embodies the essence of American whiskey craftsmanship. This exquisite liquor is known for its rich history, complex flavors, and artisanal production techniques. Here is a detailed description of Reserve Bourbon Whiskey:

Appearance: James Ownby Reserve Bourbon Whiskey presents itself with a deep, golden-amber hue that glistens in the glass. Its color reflects years of aging in charred oak barrels, which impart both color and character to the spirit.

Aroma:  The aroma of Reserve Bourbon is a symphony of enticing scents. As you bring the glass to your nose, you’re greeted with a harmonious blend of sweet caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak. There’s a hint of spice and a subtle undercurrent of dried fruits, giving it a complex and inviting bouquet.

Taste: The taste of Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is a sensory delight. It offers a robust and well-balanced flavor profile. The initial sip reveals a rush of caramel and toffee sweetness, followed by a warm embrace of vanilla and butterscotch. As the whiskey envelops your palate, you’ll notice a subtle interplay of spice, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. The oak aging imparts a smoky, woody character that adds depth and complexity to every sip. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering warmth and a gentle reminder of the whiskey’s heritage.

Mouthfeel: Reserve Bourbon Whiskey has a smooth, full-bodied mouthfeel. It glides over your tongue, coating it with a luscious texture that enhances the overall tasting experience. The balance of sweetness, spiciness, and oak notes creates a delightful sensation that lingers on your palate.

Heritage and Craftsmanship: What sets Reserve Bourbon Whiskey apart is its dedication to time-honored traditions. This American classic is crafted with precision and passion. It is distilled from a mash bill primarily consisting of corn, which gives it that sweet foundation, complemented by rye and barley. The spirit is aged in new charred oak barrels, allowing it to draw in the rich, caramelized flavors of the wood over the years. This maturation process can span several years, depending on the brand, resulting in a whiskey that embodies the perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

Versatility: Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is a versatile spirit. While many enthusiasts savor it neat or on the rocks to appreciate its intricate flavors, it also plays a starring role in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and the beloved Whiskey Sour.

In conclusion, Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is a testament to the artistry and dedication of American whiskey makers. Its captivating aroma, exquisite flavor, and rich heritage make it a prized addition to any spirits collection, and a go-to choice for those seeking a taste of true American craftsmanship in a glass. Whether savored in solitude or shared in good company, this bourbon embodies the spirit of timeless quality and tradition that makes it a true classic in the world of spirits.


Well, now, this caught my eye when it arrived unannounced—not least because I know an Ownby in Tennessee. (He’s a good guy.)

before I say more about James Ownby Whiskey, let me offer a little backdrop.

Ole Smoky Distillery in Gatlinberg, Tennessee, has been going gangbusters since Joe Baker founded it in 2010.

I wrote of the company in Moonshine: A Global History, as Ole Smoky is an example of 21st century entrepreneurism. They drew on family history and spawned a range of new ‘shine products based on ones that have been made illicitly in Tennessee for who-knows-how-long.

For a time, Ole Smoky focused sole on ‘shine products that it sold in jars (e.g., Lemon Drop), a bunch of which I tried and enjoyed. The next frontier for Ole Smoky is whiskey, and they have rolled out a lot of flavored ones: rootbeer, mango habanero, peach, etc. They also sell lower-proof flavord whiskeys, one of which is Cookies and Cream. (I’m not joking.)

With this new James Ownby whiskey, however, Baker is playing it straight. This is a 94 proof straight whiskey, with no flashy flavors added. Here he is not playing to the newbie whiskey drinker—he wants to sell to the serious hooch hound. (Like that Ownby guy I know.)

I approached this spirit with some apprehension. Making good whiskey is not easy—small goofs can throw the flavor off. But Ole Smoky did well here. Is it a little fiery? Yep, which I expected. But it shows interesting flavors: nuts, nougat, feint banana, char….

This is a young tasting whiskey, but a very promising one. I finished my glass in short order. Give it a taste!

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